1 ton loads

FHR 1.000 L1 ton loads rotator

Technical Data:

Rotation unlimited
Max axial load static, KN 10
Max axial load dynamic, KN 5
Torque at 250 bar, Nm 350
Rec oilflow, l/min 10
Weight, kg 10


Maximal Working Pressure:                                     Connection:

Rotation Max 250 bar G 1/4"
Grapple close Max 300 bar G 1/4"
Grapple open Max 200 bar G 1/4"





FORMIKO HYdraulics FHR 1.000-L(v2)  1 ton loads rotator one ton rotator  models from 1 ton to 16 tons for small crane to rotate grapple, grapple rotator


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