6 Ton Rotator for forestry

6 Ton Rotator

FHR 6.000 FD1

Technical Data:6 Ton Rotator, Six ton rotator for forestry -rotator for forestry, grapple rotator. High efficiency resonable price -making this rotator one of best on the world. We offer : 6 Ton Rotator, 4 ton rotator, 10 ton rotator ,16 ton rotator, and other. European manufacturer Unsurpassed quality  best Cost-effective price  (the offer includes range of rotators with mandrel and flange connections)

Rotation Unlimited
Grapple/ Tool close Max  30 MPa
Grapple/ Tol open Max  20 MPa
Max axial load dynamic 30 KN
Max axial load static 60 KN
Tourque at 25 MPa 1850 Nm
Rec oilflow 25 l/min
Weight 45 kg

Maximal Working Pressure                                     Connection:

Rotator 25 MPa G 1/2"
Grapple/Tool open 20 MPa G 1/2"
Grapple/Tool close 30 MPa G 1/2"








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